Cabinet Refacing Saves 45-60% off the Cost of New Cabinetry

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Want to save money? Cabinets in relatively good shape?
Don't want to remodel the whole kitchen?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
If you answered yes to any or all three, your cabinetry may be able to be resurfaced. Sometimes, the older the better. You won't need to replace flooring, and usually, just a new coat of paint to match new cabinetry and countertops being installed is all that's needed. Plus, you won't have the added expense of removal, disposal, installation and cost of the new cabinetry. Here's how it works:
  • First we determine if your cabinets can be re-surfaced. 95% of most cabinetry is resurface-able. Sometimes the older the better.
  • Then we re-laminate your existing cabinetry with laminate and or veneers. This includes all face-plates, stiles, bottoms, kick panels and sides of all exposed cabinet surfaces.
  • Next we install new Doors (Solid Wood of RTF) that you have selected from many different styles, colors, grain patterns or species of wood.
  • Finally we install new hardware. This includes knobs, pulls, European Hinges and misc. hardware and add-ons.
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Closet Remodeling With the kitchen being a focal point of the home, make sure that it looks its best if you're considering selling. Prospective buyers will be willing to pay more for a new looking, modern kitchen. But a complete kitchen re-design can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months to finish. That why more homeowners are turning to kitchen cabinet refacing; to give their kitchens a fresh look and increase home values. Renovating doors and refacing kitchen cabinets is a fraction of the cost of having new cabinets and doors installed.
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